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Monitoring.bet is the first Telegram information channel aggregator dedicated to sports event bets.
     At the moment, there are 899 channels and 6,500,000 + messages in our database that are monitored round-the-clock by a bot designed specifically for this task.

What do we analyze?

  • All messages in the channels fall into our database
  • When changing or deleting a message, information about this gets to us, you can see all changes of messages and all deleted messages.
  • We maintain separate Black and White Lists ( Learn more ) based on our rules and principles
  • For some channels, you can access advanced statistics on the tips * In progress

What is the mission of the project?

  • For players
  • Unfair and SCAM channel Warning
  • Maintain independent statistics on the success or failure of the channel * In progress
  • Open channel analysis
  • For channel creators
  • Ability to attract new audiences based on your honesty and statistics
  • Guarantor services for mutual relations and the sale of paid forecasts

What confirms the independence of the service?

The monitoring.bet service is developed at the expense of the creators' own funds . For obvious reasons, we cannot give our names for security reasons, but we can state with full responsibility that no person in the project administration is himself the administrator of any channel, he never had channels in the Telegram with sports forecasts and was not affiliated with any of the owners of any channel.